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Covidity, Experiential Design

A digital art experience expressing the pandemic’s psychological effects on my self, screened in across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

ThoughtMatter, Motion Design

A collection of motion design works created at ThoughtMatter, clients include national organizations, non-profits, parks, local businesses, and more.

Flora, Experiential Design

An interactive experience discussing the rotting relationship between human and technology, exhibited at Java Studios, Brooklyn.

Smoke and Mirrors, Experiential Design

A mixer event hosted with AIGA/NY for New York-based design professionals to reshape how people think about design.

Daily Set, Kinetic Sculpture

A series of 4 kinetic sculptures depicting the everyday non-stop and unconscious behaviors of my hands.

Free mode, Kinetic Sculpture

A machine preventing people excessively rely on smartphones from digital interference.

Elitist Spectales, Wearable Tech

A wearable device questioning the lack of empathy in social contexts by utilizing algorithms to decide what the users sees.

Do Not Touch, Exhibition Design

An interactive experience for Château de Champs-Sur-Marne showcasing its incredible collection of eighteenth and nineteenth-century French furniture.

Channel Studio, Design Intern

A collection of digital products created at Channel Studio, clients include Ghostly International, Moo, and Media Archaeology Lab, and more.

Creative Coding Sketches, Generative Art

A collection of creative coding and generative art exploration.


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